Hi! Thanks so much for visiting our new project, Julie & Kittee! We are Julie Hasson and Kittee Berns, and if you’re new to our work, we’re long-time vegans located in Portland, Oregon, who love to cook, eat super-delicious food, and conspire in the kitchen. We also eat gluten-free for a variety of health and medical reasons (Julie has Celiac Sprue and Kittee has an inflammatory auto immune disease).

We have both been involved in the vegan community for many years, online and locally in our community. We’re in active in dog rescue, bakesale benefits and recipe development, including writing cookbooks.

Because we love delicious food, and refuse to compromise on taste or quality, we decided to team up to create our own. We’re really proud of the recipes in our e-books and hope they’ll fill a niche in both your cooking arsenal and tummy!

xo Julie & Kittee

Teff Love is Kittee’s vegan, Ethiopian cookbook. It is also mostly gluten and soy-free, and the ingredients are mostly comprised of whole foods and spices. It won VegNews Cookbook of the Year in 2015.

Julie & Kittee’s Bagel Factory is our first collaborative recipe project! It’s a 40 page downloadable e-book containing 10 recipes for vegan, gluten-free bagels (with full color photos of every flavor), plus bonus recipes, comprehensive information, and detailed instruction to ensure your personal bagel making success.

You can read more about it in our shop.

Julie is the author of many cookbooks, and Vegan Casseroles is her latest. Most of the recipes are gluten-free, or can be made so with easy substitutions.