Cookbook: Vegan Casseroles- Pasta Bakes, Gratins, Pot Pies, and More

Julie is a graduate of the UCLA Professional Chef program and is the author of nine cookbooks, including Vegan DinerVegan Pizza, and Vegan Casseroles. She has been featured on radio and in magazines including The Cooking Channel, Veria Channel, Better, Better Portland, Good Day Oregon, Martha Stewart Radio, Bon Appetit, Cooking Light, Vegetarian Times, and is a regular columnist for VegNews Magazine. She has appeared on TV segments all over the country, and can be seen every month on Portland’s AM Northwest.


When it comes to traditional comfort food, most of the key ingredients are off-limits to health-conscious vegans. But giving up shepherd’s pie, eggplant parm, and cheesy rice casserole was not an option for Julie Hasson, who took on the challenge to recreate flavors she loved, but without the cheese, eggs, butter, and cholesterol. The results are a mix of retro flavors, such as Nacho Cheesy Sauce and a lighter Cream of Mushroom Soup, and fresh, veggie-forward dishes like Mediterranean Stuffed Cabbage Rolls and Summer Corn Custard.

The recipes come together quickly, focus on healthier substitutions without the tans-fats, and are endorsed by some of the toughest critics, Julie’s college-aged children and their visiting friends! With recipes like Zucchini Basil Lasagna and Tamale Pie, you’re guaranteed to find a casserole you’ll love. You can even make your own casserole creations by pairing any of the super-simple sauces with your favorite veggies and rice or pasta.

Of course, desserts are an important cap to any casserole-based meal: satisfy your sweet tooth with dishes like Rustic Bread Pudding. Now: dig in and feel good about it!


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