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Julie & Kittee’s La-La-La Loaves! is a 34 page downloadable e-book containing 10 super-delish recipes for vegan, gluten-free bread loaves (with full color photos of every flavor), plus comprehensive information, and detailed instruction to ensure your personal baking success.

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Julie & Kittee’s La-La-La Loaves!

Vegan, gluten-free jalapeño cheddar bread loaf from downloadable La-La-La Loaves available on breads are made with whole grain flours and are nutritionally dense. They’re also soy, mostly refined sugar, and nut-free (one recipe contains pecans, and three contain cane sugar). 

Because vegan, gluten-free baking can be tricky, the bread recipes in this e-book were written by weight, to be as precise as possible. You will need a digital scale to weigh most of the ingredients in the recipe (please read the FAQ tab for more info on suggested equipment).

The recipes included in this volume: Soft Millet Bread, Teff Bread, Onion Dill Bread, Rosemary Garlic Bread, Seeded Bread, Not Rye Bread, Jalapeño Cheddar Bread, Orange Chocolate Chip Bread, Cinnamon Sugar Bread, Not Babka Bread, and Everything Bagel Topping.

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Q: Is any special equipment required for the recipes in La-La-La Loaves?
A: Yes. To ensure accuracy, the recipes are by weight, so you’ll need a digital scale. We also recommend a strong mixer and an instant read thermometer.

Q: Do the bread loaves contain any gums or starch?

A: Yes, the breads contain xanthan gum and tapioca flour. 
Q: Can the breads be frozen?
A: Yes. Actually, if the bread loaves will not be consumed right away, we recommend freezing them. They stay freshest this way!
Q: Are the breads soy-free?

A: Yes, the breads are soy-free. The recipe with cheese can be made with a soy-free brand like Daiya.

Q: Do the recipes contain yeast?
A: Yes they do.

Q: Do the recipes contain salt?
A: Yes they do. Salt is a necessary ingredient in yeasted bread recipes.

Q: Are the breads nut-free?

A: All of the breads are nut-free except the Orange Chocolate Chip loaf, which can be made without pecans.

Q: Do you need to have a digital scale in order to make these loaves?

A: Yes, a digital scale is imperative to the success of these recipes, they’re written using weights instead of volume. GF baking is super finicky, and weighing the ingredients is very important to ensure consistent results and success.

Q: Do I need a stand mixer for these recipes?

A: These breads were all developed using a stand mixer, but a strong electrical hand mixer will also work. Mixing by hand is not recommended.

Q: Are the flours used in these recipes easy to find?
A: Yes, you can usually find them in well-stocked natural foods or grocery stores, or order them online from Amazon. We intentionally tried to stick to products that are easy to find.
Q: Are these recipes corn-free?
A: The only corn in these recipes is the small amount of cornstarch that is in baking powder. You cannot substitute baking soda for the powder. We don’t add any extra cornmeal or cornstarch.
Q: Are there potatoes or potato starch in these recipes?
A: Nope
Q: Do these recipes contain sugar?
A: For flavor and to feed the yeast, we use small amounts of unrefined sweeteners such as agave nectar. Three of the recipes are dessert loaves and also contain cane sugar.
Q:How large is the book file?
A: It’s a 15 MB downloadable PDF.
Q: What recipes are in the book?

A: Here are the recipes in Julie & Kittee’s La-La-La Loaves: 

  1. Soft Millet Bread
  2. Teff Bread
  3. Onion Dill Bread
  4. Rosemary Garlic Bread
  5. Seeded Bread
  6. Not Rye Bread
  7. Jalapeño Cheddar Bread
  8. Orange Chocolate Chip Bread
  9. Cinnamon Sugar Bread
  10. Not Babka Bread
  11. Everything Bagel Topping

3 reviews for E-Book: Julie & Kittee’s La-La-La Loaves!

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Samara (verified owner)

    It’s no exaggeration to say La-La-La Loaves has changed my life! I’m so excited to be baking my own bread again. Julie and Kittee’s knowledge, experience, and friendly, accessible instructions and advice guided me through ingredients, tools, temperatures and techniques to ensure tender, delicious results – results which have me hooked on bread baking again! Oh the joy of that first bite of tender, stretchy fresh bread!! Nothing beats homemade bread. Thank you, Julie and Kittee, for making this sandwich and toast lover so very happy. <3<3<3

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    John (verified owner)

    The millet bread is amazing and I can’t wait to try the other recipes. This baking is easier than traditional wheat baking and completely delicious. We eat gluten but are delighted to add these fabulous breads to our diet.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    milkhelp (verified owner)

    When I was diagnosed with EoE in June I was so depressed! I have no problem living without animal products but BREAD?! That’s unthinkable. For months I tried veganizing GF recipes and that never worked— I had failure after gummy inedible failure. So I quit trying for a while. But then I stumbled upon this book and it changed everything. Every recipe I’ve tried from this book has been a success. Everyone in the family loves my homemade vegan GF loaves now. Awesome. Thank you so much!!!

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