Cookbook: Teff Love- Adventures in Vegan Ethiopian Cooking

Kittee is a long time vegan blogger, activist, maker and passionate vegan cook and eater. She is the award winning author of Teff Love, and her recipes have also appeared in several other books and publications including: Vegan PizzaVegan Pie in the SkyThe Vegan Girl’s Guide to LifeLet Gluten Freedom Ring, and Hungry Monkey. 


Winner of the VegNews 2015 VEGGIE AWARDS for Cookbook of the Year.

Kittee Berns explains how to make vegan Ethiopian meals through easy to follow recipes, so you can savor authentic Ethiopian food without ever leaving home. Discover how to source and use the tantalizing seasonings and savory ingredients that are the foundation of these unique dishes.

Kittee introduces the trinity of Ethiopian cooking: a berbere spice blend, injera (the fermented sourdough staple), and ye qimem zeyet, a veganized clarified butter. Armed with these basics, you’ll be ready to dazzle your family and friends with many of the popular dishes found on veggie combo platters in restaurants all over North America. From saucy wots, spicy stews, and succulent stir-fries to traditional injera-based dishes and fusion foods that blend these unique seasonings into a range of family favorites, fans of this cuisine will be thrilled. Recipes are almost entirely gluten- and soy-free, or can be made so with easy adaptions.

You’ll also find tips on tools and equipment to time-saving techniques and menu suggestions. 


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