Okay, this post may crack you up, but I promise this is not a Halloween joke. This just might become your new favorite breakfast cereal!

I know you’re wondering how I came up with this. Well, I was flipping through Food and Wine Magazine, and happened on an article that included eating popcorn and milk, that has been popped in beef tallow or lard or something. First I was grossed out by the tallow, but then I started thinking. Popcorn is gluten-free, whole grain, inexpensive, and delicious. So I decided to give it a try, and popped some up. Holy cow, it’s really good! Especially with almond milk, a little sprinkle of cinnamon, a drizzle of agave and sliced bananas. This takes breakfast cereal in to a whole new territory! This is the kind of cool breakfast you would order at a hip little cafe, and walk away thinking “what a fun and creative idea”. 

It’s also got me wishing that I had thought about this years ago, when my kids were young and I spent a small fortune on breakfast cereal. I would have been the totally cool mom, giving them a bowl of freshly popped corn and all kinds of fun toppings for a breakfast bar. 

I’m including a recipe below, but this is really a non-recipe recipe. I popped my corn in a glass and silicone microwave popper (something similar to this), but you can pop it the old fashioned way in a covered pot with a little oil. In fact, I think that popping the corn in coconut oil would give this an amazing flavor. Then sprinkle in any add-ins you like, such as a little coconut flakes, fresh raspberries or blueberries, sliced bananas, cinnamon sugar, a little granola, a dash of nutmeg, and serve it with your favorite non-dairy milks (almond, coconut or hazelnut are my favorites), but if you want to have even more fun, give some dairy-free nogs a try! 

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DIY Popcorn Cereal
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Once you give this cereal a try, you're never going to go back to store-bought cereals again.

We’d love to hear if you give this a try. Lets see if we can break the internet with popcorn cereal photos and posts! Please tag us if you do, or use the hashtag #julieandkittee.

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