Top AI-powered word processing applications

Since ChatGPT emerged, AI writing tools have garnered significant attention. While they haven’t taken over the world yet, they are rapidly evolving and have reached a point where they can be genuinely helpful—under the right circumstances. When used appropriately, these AI text generators can improve productivity, letting you work more efficiently and produce polished, on-brand content.

However, all AI writing software requires human oversight to achieve optimal results. Left unchecked, these tools generate fairly generic and often inaccurate content, even if it superficially resembles human writing. As AI tools gain popularity, people become more adept at recognizing bland, AI-generated text. They are likely to be wary of content that feels impersonal or lacking substance.

If you’re seeking an AI content generator or an app to write papers to help you craft compelling copy, expedite blog post creation, and reduce the time spent on slow-paced typing, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive in.


Jasper AI (formerly Jarvis AI) is the ultimate choice for an AI writing app. It generates high-quality content across various formats, including listicles and short copy snippets. With its user-friendly interface and unparalleled long-form assistant, Jasper stands out.

Jasper’s standout feature is the long-form editor. Provide a command in natural language, and Jasper starts writing. But the capabilities extend far beyond this editor. Jasper offers various useful tools such as templates, recipes, and add-ons.

Here are Jasper’s key features:

  1. Long-Form Assistant: Craft articles seamlessly within one editor using custom AI-powered tools.
  2. GPT-3 Technology: Jasper employs the latest technology for generating AI content.
  3. Over 50 Templates: Quickly create various content types with these efficient templates.
  4. Pre-Made Recipes: These are advanced templates composed of command sets for producing complex content types.
  5. Multi-Language Support: Jasper can accept input and generate content in 25 languages.
  6. Additional Tools and Add-Ons: Includes a grammar checker, plagiarism tool, and even an SEO mode.

Jasper’s long-form editor is its crowning jewel, facilitating effortless content creation with simple commands. Beyond this, the templates, recipes, and add-ons enhance its functionality.


Aithor is a revolutionary solution designed to simplify essay writing through AI technology. This innovative tool aids users in overcoming writer’s block, conducting thorough research, and crafting high-standard essays. Whether you’re a student facing tight deadlines or a professional aiming to improve your writing, Aithor offers efficiency, convenience, and excellence.

Here’s how Aithor operates:

  1. Create: Generate topics, tables of contents, and comprehensive texts to bypass writer’s block.
  2. Refine: Easily rewrite, expand, or shorten your text to suit your needs.
  3. Disguise: A unique feature that alters AI-generated text to appear human-written, evading AI detection tools.
  4. Cite: Provides reliable academic references, ensuring your essays meet standards like MLA or APA.

Copy AI

Copy AI leverages the same GPT-3 technology as Rytr and Jasper AI. It boasts a plethora of templates, editing tools, and a grammar checker, ideal for overcoming writer’s block. Copy AI’s toolset is robust, featuring templates and tools to enhance content creation.

Critical features of Copy AI include:

  1. Fast Output: Quickly generates content to kickstart your writing process.
  2. GPT-3 Technology: Utilizes the same cutting-edge technology as its competitors.
  3. Over 90 Templates: Comprehensive enough to meet any content and copywriting needs.
  4. Fun Templates for Personal Projects: While not necessarily essential, they can inspire creativity.
  5. Multi-Language Support: Operates in over 25 languages.
  6. Additional Tools and Add-Ons: Includes a verb booster, sentence simplifier, and grammar checker for smoother content production.

Some users claim Copy AI has the best interface among AI writing assistants, thanks to its intuitive and aesthetically pleasing design.