Can I mine on a smartphone or tablet?

When it comes to mining equipment, we usually mean incredibly powerful computers worth several thousand dollars. But it is possible to mine cryptocurrency even on a smartphone. In this article, we’ll tell you how to mine on your phone and whether it’s even worth it. But before we start, we’d like to advise a great service that all crypto enthusiasts will love.

We are talking about a Bitcoin blender. This is a site that blends your cryptocurrency with other users’ cryptocurrencies and makes it totally anonymous.

If you have any questions about using this service, like “What address formats do you support?” you can find their answers in the FAQ section on the same website. Well, we will proceed to the overview of mining on smartphones and tablets.

The advantages of mining with a smartphone:

  1. Affordability.
  2. Minimal investment.
  3. Simple interface and low weight of the applications.
  4. No need to buy blocks, processors, adapters, and other accessories.

Disadvantages of mining on a smartphone

Despite the attractive pros of mobile cryptocurrency, there are many more disadvantages to this approach. The disadvantages of mining with a phone include the following:

  1. Low processing power and consequently low profitability.
  2. A complication of the process due to high competition.
  3. The need to buy software.
  4. The possibility of virus programs on the device.
  5. The smartphone will deteriorate quickly due to unbearably intensive work.
  6. Inability to use the phone for anything else while the mining process is going on.

If you are still not discouraged from mining on your smartphone, we have prepared for you some utilities with which you can do it. Our team has tested each of them, so you do not have to worry about their performance.



This miner is a specialized pool that gives you a chance to earn some cryptocurrency on your cell phone with an iOS or Android operating device. MinerGate works in such a way that it distributes tasks among the participants to combine their computing capabilities into a single network.


This application provides mining on Android devices. It is based on algorithms like Scrypt, x11, Lyra, Neoscrypt, SHA-256, and others. This program is a full-fledged miner that is not tied to any pool, which is fundamentally different from MinerGate. It is up to the user to determine the appropriate resource to work with. This is really a great solution if you like to be independent and on your own.

ARM Miner

ARM Miner is one of the first apps for mining on a mobile device. It has no ties to one pool or another. Its interface is very simple, which will probably please all those who are new to this business.

What kind of income can I get from mining on my phone?

Cryptocurrency mining is not included in the set of functions of mobile devices by the developers. The number of altcoins obtained is directly proportional to the computing potential of the device, so mining on an Android tablet with a powerful processor will be more profitable than on a budget smartphone.

Mining on a farm of video cards and ASIC is fundamentally different from mining on the phone (for the better). Perhaps soon, there will be a new generation of portable devices capable of solving the task of generating cryptocurrency blocks. But that’s just a guess, and in the meantime, smartphone mining is an extremely unprofitable niche that you should avoid at all costs.

Mobile devices are great for monitoring farms, storing cryptocurrency, and trading on exchanges. You can use an online calculator to calculate the profitability of mining on a device by first finding out the hash rate of the device. Our team also tried mining on smartphones. Back then, this idea seemed to us quite silly, but curiosity took over. Frankly speaking – we were disappointed.

That’s why we decided to write this review article so that you know that messing with cryptocurrency mining is a decision that will cost you a lot. You could just ruin your phone and not earn anything in the process.