Best Mobile Payment Applications

Most users prefer to use cards to pay for their purchases quickly and securely. The most convenient way to do this is to use a smartphone that is always at hand, and this process requires the device to have an NFC module and a special program. Let’s look at the best mobile payment applications for different operating systems.

Applications to Make Payments by Phone Instead of a Card: Which One to Choose

When choosing a program, it is essential to consider various factors. The first thing to consider is your device’s operating system; Apple and Samsung both have their applications. But there are also universal contactless payment applications for phones that work on Android and iOS devices.

Apple Pay

The application was released in 2014. It is intended for iPhone 6, later models, and Apple Watches. The application can also be used to make online payments.

Apple Pay stands out for its security and convenience. The application uses tokenization, which generates virtual account numbers in the program. As a result, the application does not need to store actual credit card numbers.

Apple Pay

Android Pay

This is one of the most popular phone payment applications. It is designed for Android smartphones. To make a payment, users must bring their phones to a POS terminal. They can also use the program to make purchases in various mobile applications.

Google Plus Pay-NFC

This is one of the most popular phone payment applications. One of its advantages is the high level of transaction security. The mobile application is designed for Android smartphones. It allows users to add nearly any kind of debit or credit card. Users can also add royalty cards to their accounts to get cashback on purchases.

Google Plus Pay-NFC has an incredibly simple and user-friendly interface with quite a wide variety of features. Among them are, for example, peer-to-peer transfers, bill splitting, and many other services. The application’s main page displays information about the transfers as well as a list of stores that accept NFC payments.

This mobile application for paying with a bank card is highly convenient. One of its benefits is that it allows people to create a virtual card to use when making online purchases. Plus, the program supports online payments, and one disadvantage is that not all stores accept this payment method.

Samsung Pay-NFC

When deciding which phone payment application to choose, think about the functions you want it to have. Samsung Pay-NFC is a program for Galaxy smartphones. It allows users to add up to eight credit or debit cards and accepts payment systems such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. In addition, it allows users to enter their loyalty card details.

The application is compatible with Samsung smartwatches and will appeal to anyone who enjoys the brand’s devices. One advantage of the application is that it is used by more banks than the Android one.

The list of its features includes support not only for NFC technology but also for MST. This allows users to use their smartphone as a magnetic stripe card on websites that accept this payment method. The application requires a Samsung Rewards account to use.

The developers have provided users with various phone payment applications that greatly simplify purchasing. Users no longer require anything other than a mobile device to pay offline or online.