Medical Mobile Applications

Every year, more and more people download health-monitoring applications. Such programs can serve various purposes. Some of them have a specific purpose, such as reminding users to take their medications on time, while others stand out for their versatility and can provide users with the information they need.

Popular Medical Mobile Applications – 2023

One of the most popular applications is Doctor Appointment. Most people know how many problems such a seemingly simple action can cause. People usually have to call a clinic or even go to the reception desk to schedule an appointment with a doctor. All this takes a lot of time and effort, and the Doctor Appointment application can assist them in quickly and efficiently resolving the problem.

One of its biggest advantages is that it frees people from waiting in long lines. They only need to choose a doctor and schedule an appointment. In addition, the application allows users to create multiple profiles for each family member. However, they cannot simply make an appointment and not show up. If this happens five or more times during the year, the application will block them.


Medscape is an application that works with different operating systems and is free to download. It is a comprehensive medical reference book with articles on various topics, news, medication annotations, and much more. Users need to sign up before they can use the application.

Medscape has an easy-to-use interface with a convenient filtering system that allows users to quickly find any information they need. Doctors from all over the world use the application, and it provides users with a wide range of medical information.

The Read by QxMD application is available for smartphones running different operating systems. It is free to download but has some paid features. Read by QxMD assists users in categorizing and organizing medical literature. They can read and download different articles, books, and studies from other sources. With Read by QxMD, users can always stay up-to-date on the latest medical news. Although the application is free, some of its features require payment.

Doctor’s Handbook is a convenient and informative application for young doctors, students, and anyone interested in medicine. The application contains protocols for diagnosis and treatment, ICD codes, treatment duration recommendations, and much more. It also provides the most recent news for those interested in medical trends. The application has some medical calculators, and patients may benefit from this convenient and functional program as well.

Pregnancy+ is one of the most widely used pregnancy tracking applications in medical settings. It is compatible with different operating systems, and the application includes several tools that will come in handy for expectant mothers. Users can enter doctor appointment dates, upload their test and ultrasound results, and receive expert recommendations and advice.

Doximity is a social network used by doctors worldwide, but primarily from the United States. The application allows users to exchange various types of data securely. In particular, they can send news, faxes, and more. The application is free to download, but users must first sign up. The resource is designed specifically for medical specialists.