Best movies about vegetarianism

There are movies that make us rejoice, experienced, cry, or experience other emotions, as well as those ones that can completely change your consciousness. The popularity of vegetarianism is increasing throughout the world, and so many people stop eating animal food after watching it. We can recommend such films to friends and family members to understand your choice and support it, or if you have long thought about changing your diet. Our vegetarian film selection will help you in this process.


This film has inspired people for many years to stop eating meat. This picture describes how animals are used for entertainment, food production, clothing, and scientific experiments. A very violent film describes the global issues of damage to livestock and fisheries for the planet. Hidden cameras have captured the daily practices of the largest industries in the world that use animals for profit. In this film, the creators revealed the cruelty of man to other living beings on our planet, without concealing horrific and realistic details.


The cruel truth that this film reveals is that drones have been filmed. This film is binding on all those people who still believe that animals are meant to quench human hunger. Unbiased technology has shown the true face of the members of the largest organizations specializing in animal husbandry.

The authors of this film paid much attention to the food-oriented industry, but it also describes the exploitation of animals for entertainment, clothing, and research as well. The harsh reality is what the filmmakers showed without hidden violent details. That’s why we don’t recommend watching this film for people who are still underage.

Meat The Truth

It’s a documentary about the destructive power of livestock and global warming. The authors believe that this area of activity is far more harmful to our planet than transport. A Dutch animal protector and politician named Marianne Thieme went to America, where she interviewed scientists who had worked or were still working as ranchers, but who became vegetarians years later.

This picture shows how each of us can make a significant contribution to the preservation of the planet, by just abandoning meat.

Live and let live

This is a movie about real people who have changed their attitude to animals. This interview tells the story of a former butcher who changed his career and became a vegetarian restaurant chef or farm worker who opened an animal shelter.

These stories reflect how vegetarianism has evolved over the years. The creators of this film describe such important questions as is it the right of man to decide the fate of other beings? Alternatively, how to figure out who we can use as food and who deserves to be friends? It’s a pretty high-quality film that helps people decide how much-unlimited power of humans, and the limits of their power and responsibility.

Joe Cross

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

The film’s title is a real verdict that 40-year-old Australian businessman Joe Cross heard from doctors weighing up to 150 kilos. He decided to completely change his lifestyle, bought a juicer, and went by car on a trip to America. He set himself a goal, which he reached, whether it was possible to eat fruit and vegetable fresh juices exclusively for 2 months, to find out if it was possible in this way to restore health and slim. Joe had an assistant in the form of a camera operator who filmed him on his travels and kept him from eating junk food. The man found out that in two months, you could do better and motivate all the other people.

Each person should decide his or her own diet. You cannot do that if you don’t get all the sad details of that way of life. The right diet will not only change your life but will save the planet for our descendants.