How to become a vegetarian

Vegetarianism is a great way to make your body healthier. It helps people to clean their bodies of toxins and thus feel younger and more energetic.

Many people, inspired by the ideas of vegetarianism or veganism, wonder how to switch to vegetarianism correctly and not harm their health. In this article we will share a few tips on this topic.

How to become a vegetarian: where to start

The first thing you should remember before switching to vegetarianism is not to change your diet suddenly and in one day. Some followers of this plant-based diet deny this fact, and we can agree with them but only in one thing: abrupt switch to vegetarianism will not harm your body. However, the psychological reaction of giving up meat so suddenly can be an obstacle on the way to a healthy lifestyle.

When it comes to the instruction how to switch to vegetarianism, keep in mind that the few months you spend on your transition are nothing compared to the years spent eating meat.

If you think about how to become a vegetarian, we advise you to give up meat first. One month spent without animal flesh in your diet will allow you to give up eating animal products smoothly and without psychological difficulties.


The next steps to switch to vegetarianism

After you feel that you have finally said goodbye to meat products, you can give up fish and seafood. After one more month of abstinence you will feel real freedom from your former lifestyle. By this time your digestive organs will be cleansed and your circulation will become faster. All this will make you more alert and energetic.

However, if you wish you can continue to switch to a plant-based diet. Giving up other animal products will make you a vegan.

How to become a vegan

To become a vegan you must first give up eggs. Such a step will speed up the process of wellness, as well as put you on a higher moral level. The fact is that the eggs sold in stores are unfertilized. They are the product of the exploitation of birds and the result of the cockerels killing, which are sorted from the hens immediately after hatching.

The next step is to give up dairy and fermented foods. It has been proven that these products lead to mucus accumulation in the intestines and it slows down metabolism. You should not eliminate all dairy products from your diet at once. First exclude milk, after a couple of weeks – kefir, after another month – cottage cheese. Once you pass all these steps, you can proudly call yourself a vegan.

So, if you want to give up eating animal products, but do not know where to start your transformation into a vegetarian, then remember: the first step in a successful transition to a plant-based diet should be to give up eating meat.