Soy meat: interesting facts

Many people move to plant analogs from popular animal products to improve their diet. The meat has fallen victim to this example too. For example, vegans and even athletes eat soy instead of chicken, pork, and beef. Is soy meat useful and how is it produced?

The first step that we’re going to look at is the soy meat production process. It’s a soybean product. People collect and grind these beans, and then they cook them and then dry them. Some producers add vegetable oils to soy meat pieces: wheat, maize, or soy.

This food has a high nutritional value. It contains proteins. It has been proven that one portion of soy meat has more protein than a portion of a boiled chicken breast. 100 calories are contained in 100 grams of soy meat. That’s why it’s considered dietary. In addition, 100 grams of soy have a large amount of manganese, potassium, vitamins E, B1, D, iron, and sodium. This product has very little fat, just like chicken meat.

Soy meat: for whom is it useful? As I said, the ideal soy meat consumer is vegans and the people who are going to be vegans, as well as athletes and people who want to try something new. Meat can also eat children in small quantities.

Soy meat

To eat soy meat properly, you can add it in the soup, cook soy slices into diet meats, and eat as an additive to potatoes or pasta. You can also buy soybeans, cut sprouts, and make vegetable stew on their base.

Soy protein you can buy in powder form. Athletes love this product because of the ease of making a smoothie. They just put this plant protein in a smoothie and, as a result, they drink healthy and nutritious food.

If you want to stop eating animal meat, you can replace it with a soy product. However, you have to make a proper diet. In addition, you should only spend money on a high-quality soy product. Beware of sodium glutamate in soy meat!

The amino acid composition is smaller than that of animal meat. That’s why you have to make up for the shortage of valuable amino acids by increasing the proportion of dairy products and eggs in your diet. That means you’ll have to replace the beef, the turkey, and the pork with the soy equivalent of the damage to your body, especially if you’re not the most avid vegetarian.

Many people believe that soy meat is a panacea for all their diseases and the best option for a basic diet. But they should keep in mind that the world’s major suppliers are Pakistan, Canada, India, and the US. But these countries are promoting the introduction of genetically modified foods into their diet. There’s not a single study that proves artificial soy is healthy. If a person is looking after his health, he should only buy soy from European countries, on which packages GMO FREE and NO GMO labels are printed.