How many people on Earth have retracted meat

How many vegetarians live in the world? We can’t answer this question precisely because we don’t have official statistics. However, we can try to analyze the different surveys and data that tell us about consumer and market interests. Such analysis is the ideal option to at least estimate how many people prefer to eat plant food on our planet.

Statistics: how many vegetarians live in the world

According to recent United Nations estimates, 7.9 billion people live on Earth in 2021. The United Nations confirms that only 8% of the world’s population is vegetarian. Vegans number is even smaller on the planet, living on Earth about 1%. Nevertheless, we also found another survey, that was conducted in Ipsos Mori. It shows us that 3% of earthlings are vegans, 5% are vegetarians, and 14% are meat eaters and vegetarians at the same time.

However, only 75 million Earthlings abandon meat production of their own free will. Analysts are confident that the number of vegetarians who have abandoned meat with the aid of intelligence is still small and will gradually increase as wealth and education increase. The basis of a change in diet is a concern for the environment, supported by an awareness of the level of damage that humans cause to the ecosystem through intensive rearing of cattle, pigs, chickens, and egg production. But so far, 1,450 million grounders are on a plant diet of necessity. They’ll start eating meat as soon as they can afford it in cash.


Which country has the largest number of vegetarians

India is the state with the highest number of vegans (19%) and vegetarians (22%). 500 million Indians followed a diet that did not include meat products in 2020. In general, the main reason is religious one. A quarter of the population of India is Hindus, Buddhists, and Jainists who believe in the phenomenon of reincarnation and non-violence. That’s why they refuse to eat dead animals. Moreover, some monks are so compassionate to all living things, even small insects, that they sweep them off the road to avoid stepping on them accidentally.

The United Kingdom ranks second. More than 14% of the population renounced meat for ethical reasons. Moreover, the Vegan Society tells us that the number of British vegans has increased by 400% in the last seven years. It is the British who produce the maximum amount of specialty vegan products. It is also worth noting that one in five Englishmen are willing to give up meat even though he or she has not yet done so.

There are four other countries that are characterized by large numbers of vegetarians living there. These are Brazil (14%), Israel (13%), Argentina (12%), and Italy (9%).

IBOPE Inteligencia conducted this survey, supported by a representative’s report called Eurispes.

Serbia, Hungary, and Russia are countries where more than 99% of the population eats meat.

Forbes published interesting information that 26% of millennials choose a vegetarian diet. Therefore, the new generation of humanity prefers plant food. The percentage of vegetarians in the world is expected to increase. Many optimistic predictions say that 14% of the world’s population will be vegan by 2022.