Who lives longer: vegetarians or meat-eaters

With a plant-based diet people can improve their health, become stronger and feel younger. The followers of vegetarianism and veganism claim that when they changed their lifestyle they noticeably became  more energetic.

However, vegetarians have so-called rivals, who are commonly referred to as meat-eaters. They claim that people who give up meat and fish deprive themselves of many nutrients, without which muscles are depleted and bones become too fragile. These are all the amino acids, vitamins, and fatty acids known to science, which, as meat-eaters claim, cannot be found anywhere else but in animal flesh.

Finally, the main concern for people thinking about switching to a plant-based diet is the question who lives longer – vegetarians or meat-eaters. In this article we will try to answer this question and give examples of long-livers who have chosen a plant-eating diet.

Who lives longer: vegetarians or meat-eaters

Scientists do not give a clear answer to this question, but confirm the thesis that the rejection of meat is not harmful to health in any way. First of all, a person can get all the necessary proteins from dairy products, legumes and cereals. Nuts and seeds, such as peanuts and sesame, also contain a lot of protein.

Some researchers have observed the fact that those meat-eaters who lived for many years and did not suffer from stomach or intestinal diseases tended to do active sports. The thing is that regular exercises help to disperse the blood and lymph. As a result, the body cleanses itself and removes mucus and other toxins that usually remain in it after eating animal products.


How long live vegetarians: statistics

Answering the question of how many years vegetarians live, we should give the example of some long-livers who have followed a plant-based diet for most of their lives.

These vegetarians include people who are over a hundred years old: Loreen Dinwiddie, who does not even eat eggs and dairy products, Angeline Strandahl, who promotes a plant-based diet, and Katherine Hagel.

The average life duration of vegetarians is not precisely defined, but there are very many long-livers among them. These are people over a hundred years old who decided to follow a plant-based diet many years ago. They still feel as well as some meat-eaters do at age 60.

How long do vegetarians live?

Those who are interested in whether vegetarians live longer should know that everything depends on the peculiarities of the human body.

The vegetarians who have lived more than 90 years always repeat that by giving up meat they have gained spiritual and physical freedom. Some of them have lost extra pounds, and some of them have realized the cruelty of meat-eating habits.

But the fact remains that losing the extra kilos goes along with being a vegetarian in one way or another. And this is the best way to rejuvenate your body and make it healthier.