Vegetarianism: pros and cons

I notice agitation for vegetarianism increasingly in recent months. Many arguments seem logical, but many are preposterous. Such «proofs» are very similar to campaigning for spare parts for household appliances, for example, that are made by inexperienced sellers.

Vegetarianism: pros and cons (my attitude to vegetarianism)

Personally, I love meat, it doesn’t harm my body. I don’t believe in all these stories about the harmful effects of meat on the human organism. The fact is, since the beginning of human life on earth, hunters have been gathering meat and eating it with pleasure. Evolution has made our teeth more like those of predators.

The second argument for vegetarianism is the brutality caused by animals. They say poor animals are born, fed, and die to be eaten. If you’re so kind, why don’t you think of the old men and women who have worked so hard to make your life better, and now they’re dying in poverty? These people are born to enjoy life and contribute to the development of humankind. The second they did, but the pleasure ended when they got fired from their jobs because of their age. If you want to take care of someone, remember your parents and grandparents.

Vegetarian food

Vegetarianism: a health benefit

Unfortunately, the national cuisine of Slavic countries includes too many dishes that are harmful to the human body. The constant use of fried, fried, and salted food makes the work of all our biological organs more difficult.

If you want to improve your health, a diet of vegetarianism will do you good. Your body can rest a little while you feed it vegetables and other agricultural products.

Nuts, beans, and soy products can effectively replace proteins. You just have to eat a lot of protein that’s contained in oatmeal, buckwheat, and rice. However, I advise you to consult a doctor or at least read articles on nutrition before starting a diet.

Among the effects that vegetarianism can lead you to, there are:

  • prevention of gall stones appearance;
  • reduction of arterial pressure;
  • cholesterol purification of receptacles;
  • reduction of the risk of heart and vascular disease;
  • heartstroke prevention;
  • normalization of sugar levels and reduction of the risk of diabetes mellitus;
  • reducing the chance of cancer by 30-40% (and this is the minimum count).

Meanwhile, many vegetarians look much thinner than meat eaters. This is the reason why, besides the health benefits, it has a positive aesthetic effect on us too.

I take a positive view of diet and eating meat. People are free to do what they like. Nevertheless, I don’t want them trying to convince me to do the same.

I believe that we need to promote healthy lifestyles, sports, self-development, but only by our own example. Don’t try to convince a man with facts or arguments until he knows he needs them. You have no attempt to put him on the side of good, which could end in success.